Chemical, pharmaceutical and plastic industry


Đuro Đaković Kotlovi : Chemical, pharmaceutical and plastic industry : Application

Hot oil and steam plants have overall application in chemical, chemical-technical and plastics industry. They are used for heating of:

  • distillation plants
  • polymerization plants and cooling of reaction plants
  • esterification plants
  • gelatinizing channels
  • drying plants (drum driers, drying cabinets, drying channels)
  • plants for the concentration of acids and lyes (evaporation plants)
  • evaporators
  • calenders for coil production
  • automatic spraying plants, extruders and presses for plastic semi-products
  • containers for the dye and varnish industry
  • synthetic resin plants
  • plants for processing and transport of viscous substances not pumpable at room temperature
  • spray and drying towers
  • saponifying plants

For plants and processes that require temperature till 200°C boilers for rapid steam production are optimal choice while hot oil plants have their application when temperature 200-350°C is required.

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