Steam Boilers/Generators


Đuro Đaković Kotlovi : Steam Boilers/Generators : Advantages

Steam generator system has following advantages:

  • reaching of high steam pressures in widest range of 0,5 to 30 bars (with small investments and plant costs comparing to classical installations),
  • possibility of reaching different pressures with same generator (with minimal changes),
  • possibility for regulation of steam production (1:5 i.e. 20 - 100 %) at normal (continuous) work of hot-oil boiler (heater),
  • generator is less sensitive to the quality of feed water and cleaning of possible sedimentation is easy (mechanical),
  • no danger of explosion or damage to the device at loss of water (beside that, primar circuit is without pressure) and it can be placed in technological area, without separate boiler station,
  • completely automatic drive, very easy maintenance,
  • area occupied with complete installation is much smaller than area necessary for the classical installations with steam boiler.

Described system for production of steam (hot water) has unlimited application in all technological processes and heating, and especially when there is a need for relatively small amounts of high pressure steam and in cases of unstable regime of consumation.

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